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This is the mag carrier you've been looking for!  The Multi - Mag Carrier will fit many different magazines.  Sometimes you want to carry your M&P, Sometimes you want to carry your G26?  Now one mag carrier can handle your spare magazine!  It can be worn inside the waistband or out, and can be adjusted with the included tool to fit tons of magazines!  Select the right one for your needs.  Free shipping!

  • The double stack 9/40 option is designed to work on virtually all double stack 9/40 magazines as well as 357 Sig and G43 and many others using the retention adjustment.
  • The double stack 45 ACP works on all double stack 45 ACP magazines as well as double stack 10mm magazines by using the retention adjustment.
  • The single stack option will work on virtually all single stack magazines. Has been tested with the following:  1911, G43, Shield .45, Shield 9/40, XDs 9 and .45, Sig 938 

Cold War Concealment Double stack single mag carrier-solid colors

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