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Why is the Second Amendment important ?

It is no secret that the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution is constantly under attack from big government control proponents. Why does this matter to us so much ? Is it simply because we are "gun nuts" that don't want anyone taking away our toys ? The reality is this: Whether you're a gun owner or not, the second amendment matters for myriad reasons. The founding fathers found individual firearm ownership SO important that it was second only to free speech and freedom of religion (our very reason for leaving England) in the list of individual rights that needed to be guaranteed. The founders recognized the simple truth that disarmed we are subjects of a potentially tyrrannical government. Armed, we are citizens who are in charge of our own destiny. Simply stated, without the second amendment there is no guarantee of the fulfillment of the promises made in any of the other amendments. We hear terms like, "sensible gun control" batted about to make the imposition of restrictions sound reasonable. It's a way to get citizens to feel good about waiving their rights (it's just common sense, right ?) Consider this. If a group was discussing "reasonable restrictions" on your right to a fair trial could you find ANY justification to voluntarily waive your right to that guarantee ? "Nobody needs military style weapons" is another common term. That was exactly the PURPOSE of 2A ! For the citizen to be able to repel the "military weapons" of the government in order to keep that government in check. There is much confusion about the purpose and need for 2A. No, it is not about your right to hunt. It is not your right to target shoot. It is specifically about your right to be free from government seizing power by force. If you're willing to cede your 2A rights because you don't personally like firearms, consider there are still people who don't like your right to vote ! It is the same folks who scream for gun control in the name of "common sense" that scream voter ID laws are oppressive. Doesn't make much sense now does it ? Feel free to disagree, let's just keep the conversation civil.

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