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Monday Continuing Education Series Part 4:

  1. Fitting a pistol to your hand:

  2. When fitting a pistol to your hand, grasp the pistol in your strong hand. Making sure the web of your thumb and forefinger are all the way at the top of the grip, snugly against the beavertail. (small curvature on the back of the pistol at the top of the grip, just below the rear of the slide) Wrap the fingers of your shooting (dominant) hand around the grip naturally. The second joint of your fingers should naturally fall directly below the trigger guard. If you are having to re-position your hand to make the second joints line up under the trigger guard, the pistol is not a good fit. Next, the tips of your fingers should fall approximately halfway (front to rear) on the side of the grip closest to your body. If you finger tips fall naturally (again do not re-position your hand) in the center third (front to back) of that grip panel AND your second joints line up under the trigger guard, your have a good fit. If your finger tips fall in the first third (front to back), the grip is too big, and in the rear third; the grip is too small. A grip that is either too big or too small will make manipulating the pistol awkward and make it difficult for you to properly aim. This will cause you to compensate for your shooting. You will eventually be able to hit the target where you want to with these compensations, but if you ever decide to change pistols you will start all over again. This will be very frustrating. The first key to shooting well with ANY pistol is proper fit ! As always, please feel free to ask questions or stop by for a demonstration.

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