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  • How do I purchase a firearm online ? Is it legal ?
    Yes ! Purchasing online is legal. If a firearm is to be shipped, it must be received by a licensed gun dealer (FFL) who will then complete the required paperwork and background check before turning the firearm over to you. Most receiving dealers charge a small fee for this service.
  • Am I able to ship a firearm for repair ?
    Unless you are shipping a firearm directly to the manufacturer, all firearms shipments must take place between licensed dealers. If you need to ship a firearm to me for repair, you would need a local FFL to ship it for you. If you are shipping directly to the manufacturer, they will provide you a proper shipping label. Package the firearm securely and use the shipping label provided by the manufacturer.
  • What type of ammunition is best ?
    Ammunition choice can be very complicated. The answer is based on your intended use. For example, target shooting can be done with inexpensive round nose ammunition. In defense ammunition you're concerned with "stopping power" to stop a threat. Impact energy is a function of bullet weight and velocity as well as bullet design. Feel free to call or email specific questions.
  • What caliber is best for me ?
    This is a question long debated by shooters ! Much of the thinking is focused on the "bigger is better" mentality. This is simply not true ! Shot placement is the most important component of defensive shooting. Therefore, the caliber you shoot best with is the best caliber for you. Making a .45 caliber hole in the air is never as effective as making a .22 caliber hole in the target !
  • I am a female shooter. My boyfriend / husband says a .40 has too much kick for me to handle. Is this true ?
    This is absolute nonsense ! The "kick" (properly referred to by knowledgable shooters as recoil) is managed by shooting technique. Proper fit of the gun, and proper shooting grip and technique is key to managing the recoil. I have had many first time female shooters qualify with 9mm, .40 cal., and even .45 cal. firearms on their first attempt.
  • How do I go about getting my concealed carry permit in N.C ?
    By N.C. statute, you are required to attend 8 hours of classroom training, 2 hours of which must cover the N.C. statutes regarding self defense and carrying a pistol. You are also required to qualify at the shooting range from 3, 5, and 7 yards, (10 shots at each distance). After completion of the classroom and shooting portions, you apply at the sheriff's department in your county. The process takes up to 3 months. Once you have your concealed carry handgun permit you are allowed to carry concealed in public. Another benefit of having the CCH permit is that you no longer need a pistol purchase permit to purchase a handgun !
  • What is a pistol purchase permit ?
    Under N.C. statutes, you are required to obtain a pistol purchase permit from the sherrif of the county you reside in in order to be able to purchase a handgun (this does not apply to rifle). If you already have your concealed carry permit you are not required to obtain a purchase permit to buy a handgun.
  • Can I conceal-carry a handgun with my purchase permit ?
    NO ! A pistol purchase permit only allows you to purchase a handgun. You are NOT allowed to carry concealed with a purchase permit.
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